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  • Lake Erie: The reported Lake Erie water temperature is taken at the Buffalo Water Treatment Plant located on Lake Erie at the entrance to the Niagara River. The reading is taken at a depth of 30 feet. This data is unofficial. Lake Ontario: The reported Lake Ontario water temperature is taken at the Monroe County Water Treatment Plant near ...
Nov 23, 2017 · This complex is located at the Morton/Fairport salt mine on the southern shore of Lake Erie (Fairport Harbor) in the United States. The mine is buried at a depth of 2800 feet with a foot print of nearly 20 miles under the lake and maintains a temperature of about 74 degrees year round.

Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes. It is located west of New York State. It is the fourth largest in surface area of the five Great Lakes, with only Lake Ontario having less surface area. It is the southernmost, shallowest, and smallest by volume of the Great Lakes. Lake Erie has an average depth of only 62 feet and a maximum depth of only 210 feet. This is why it contains less water than ...

Sep 07, 1986 · Unlike the other lakes, which are hundreds of feet deep, the average depth of Lake Erie is only 62 feet, and in the western part it is much shallower than that. Return of the Walleye
  • 2 days ago · There is a deep hump that rises to 36 feet out of 120 feet of water just north of the east end of the Evergreen Point Bridge. This is one of the more pronounced structure features on Lake Washington and a great fishing spot for all types of pelagic fish, with rainbow trout, cutthroat and sockeye salmon being the most targeted.
  • No company offers a better Lake Erie map than Waterproof Charts. This nautical map has coverage for Eastern Lake Erie with detailed insets for Cleveland and Lorain on one side. The reverse side details the East Basin with insets of the Welland Canal and the Niagara River.

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    The average depth of Lake Erie is 62ft / 19m (w/ a Maximum depth of 210ft / 64m)

    Oct 10, 2011 · The property sits on 160 acres, boasts three-quarter miles of frontage on Lake Erie and contains a series of “pods” connected by glass corridors that were navigated by scooters and golf carts. Don and Shirley Brown were a very private couple who liked to read, cook for their grandkids and helicopter out for dinner.

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    Apr 20, 2017 · At almost 350 miles (540 km) long, 120 feet (37 m) wide, and 12 feet (3.7 m) deep, it remains a feather in New York's cap, and still provides an economic boost by way of tourism. Its operations are largely funded by tolls on the New York State Thruway, leaving pleasure boaters free to traverse its length and take in the many sights along the way.

    Lake St Clair flows into the Detroit River which flows into Lake Erie. Lake Erie has an elevation of 569 feet or 173 meters above sea level and a maximum depth of 210 feet or 173 meters. Lake Erie flows into the Niagara River which flows over Niagara Falls and then into Lake Ontario.

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    Here is the list of Lake Erie (U.S. Waters) marine charts available on US Marine Chart App.The Marine Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps.

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    It holds about 3,000 cubic miles of water – enough to fill all the other Great Lakes plus Lake Erie three times over. The average depth of Superior is about 500 feet. It is the deepest (1,335 feet) of the Great Lakes.

    Dave Sandford is a man enthralled by the beauty of the lake Erie, it is the fourth largest of the Great Lakes in North America. It is 241 mile (388 km) long and 57 mile (92 km) wide, as well as being relatively shallow, with average depth of 62 feet (19 meters).

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    Lake Erie is the southernmost of the five Great Lakes and is also the shallowest, with an average depth of only 62 feet. This makes it the warmest and most biologically active of the Great Lakes and has allowed for a booming commercial fishing industry, as well as many other industries and recreational opportunities.

    Jun 18, 2018 · Speed and depth seem to be way more important than colors, as we have heard every color combo under the sun lately Trollers: 18~30 feet of water- A Can and Crane Reef area, and on out past the Island. Also good reports from out past B Can around the War Bouy.

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    At its deepest point Lake Erie is 210 feet deep and sits at an elevation of 571 feet above sea level. It’s length is 241 miles and width of 57 miles at its widest point. More than 30% of the total population of the Great Lakes basin is in the Lake Erie watershed.

    Jul 24, 2017 · Hi All, I'm a newly minted member looking for advice on a suitable sailboat for sailing on Lake Erie. I've never owned a boat period, and have only sailed a few times over 15 years ago. I'd like to pick up something along the lines of a daysailer in the range of 17 to 22 feet in order to...

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    perch fishing lake erie, ... line for perch in Lake Erie hauled in much more than fish last weekend ... far and Langton and his fishing buddy Scotty Domine can tell ...

    Apr 16, 2007 · Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes (averaging only 62 feet) and overall the smallest by volume. Erie is also exposed to the greatest effects from urbanization and agriculture. Lake Erie measures 241 miles wide and 57 miles from north to south, and has 871 miles of shoreline. Because it's not as deep as the other lakes, Erie warms rapidly in the spring and summer and is frequently the only Great Lake to freeze over in winter.

May 25, 2011 · Lake Erie has an average depth of 62 feet (the shallowest of the great lakes). Therefore, if the melt from a decade would fill Lake Erie, then the melt from a year would be about 6.2 feet deep in Lake Erie.
The average depth of Lake Erie is only 62 feet, but the western basin area averages only 24 feet. It warms quickly in summer, and freezes over quickly in winter. Lake Erie is 241 miles long. If you take the US side trip around, your likely stops will be Dunkirk, Erie, Conneaut, Cleveland, Sandusky and Toledo.
Jul 25, 2019 · A huge upwelling event occurred along the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan earlier this week. Water temperatures dropped from the lower 70s to the upper 40s in under 24 hours! Why did this happen? The Grand Rapids, Michigan National Weather Service office has a great graphic that describes what upwelling is.
PREPARATION OF LAKE ERIE AND LAKE SAINT CLAIR BATHYMETRY. The New Bathymetry of Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair was compiled at a one meter contour interval at scales ranging from 1:100,000 to 1:2,500 and registered to the NOAA nominal scale 1:80,000 digital vector shoreline. The compilation was achieved using all good quality historic hydrographic sounding data collected since 1903 from the ...